im hungrier than the neopet i neglected for 9 years

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To You

"There are people on this planet who are special. I know that sounds simple and obvious, it isn’t. It’s rare to meet a special person, and I genuinely believe it to be a gift that many people wouldn’t even recognize. To me, even the word alone - special - seems remedial and actually sounds ordinary, there’s nothing prophetic or magical about it like the physical definitions boast. "Special," to me, is just another useless drop of water that falls into the ocean of our inconsequential language.
And then I met a special person…
So now, when I say that you’re “special,” it’s because you have actually made my world brighter, easier, happier, just by being here and being you. I wake up in the morning a better person simply because we’ve met. You’re special because my life has literally, not figuratively, improved because you came into it. It’s because you make me want to be more of everything, a better me, a better man, a better human being. All of this is true and all of this is genuine, and it’s all for no other reason than that you walked into my life. If I’m thinking of you, then I’m feeling better than I was the moment before. I smile. I smile at strangers. I help strangers. … … I’m not sure there is a collection of words that I’m capable of writing, with any amount of time I could spend, that might clearly explain how important you are. I’ll try it like this: I want to make the world better for you, I want it to be happy and wonderful and to be more than you could ever even dream it to be. Basically, I want your world to be special, because that’s the only gift worthy of being offered to you, since that’s the gift that you’ve already given to me.
So, thank you”


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